Foraged Garden Tabletop

Foraged Garden Tabletop
Herbal arrangement using basil, rosemary, sage, parsley and squash flowers.

Garden Tabletop Design

Are you are hosting a dinner party anytime soon and don’t want to spend a ton of money on floral arrangements for your tabletop? No problem; forage in your garden and landscape. There’s plenty out in your yard to use for a simple, yet stylish tabletop decor!

I  teamed up with my super talented designer friend, Lauren of Sparrow Design South, to create these different tabletop themes. All of the greenery, vegetables, and fruit (except the cherries and lemons) came from our yards and gardens. Grab a pair of pruners and get a basket; let’s forage through the yard and see what we can put together on the table!


Foraged Garden Tabletop
Oak leaf hydrangea leaves, herbal arrangement, lemons, and blueberries.

For this set up we focused on two statement pieces: the yellow vase and fresh blueberries. Blue and yellow are complementary colors, so that was a natural match. Since the vase was big we knew we needed a full and large type foliage to fill it in. The leaves of the Oak Leaf Hydrangea were perfect. As with the flowers of the bush, the leaves are a generous size and a few branches filled the vase beautifully. We added some fresh blueberries from the garden and some lemons we purchased inexpensively at the grocery store. This arrangement was quick and fresh!

Light & Airy

Foraged Garden Tabletop
Dried tree twigs, asparagus tops w/seeds, strawberry leaves, and sedum.

I showed up at Lauren’s with a handful of asparagus tops I cut from my asparagus patch. I liked the seeds and the feathery softness of the tops. I honestly had no idea how we were going to use them. Lauren paired the asparagus tops with some dried shrub branches she had lying around from another project. The result was perfectly airy. I’ll keep those tops in mind come this Christmas when the seeds on the asparagus tops turn red; a perfect holiday centerpiece in waiting!

Vine Ripe Tomatoes

Foraged Garden Tabletop
Herbs, tomatoes, and tulip poplar leaves.

It’s obvious the tomatoes are the stars here! You can’t go wrong pairing tomatoes with herbs…that is a match made in garden heaven. Go ahead and mix and match tomatoes. The great thing about having an edible centerpiece is that there is no clean up after the party!


Foraged Garden Tabletop
Thyme, hen and chick, and hosta leaf.

Even a simple hosta leaf can bring texture to a tablescape. We paired the leaf with warm wood texture and the simple thyme and succulent arrangement in a mason jelly jar. The neutral linens and dishes make the plants really pop. This is a simple place setting with a lot of style.


Strawberry bush, variegated miscanthus, boxwood branches, and cherries.

Okay so we can’t grow cherries this far south…but it’s in season! Fruit always makes great and inexpensive centerpieces. We found some great landscape greenery to bring color and texture to this tablescape. Remember, flowers do not have the monopoly on tablescapes! Look for various shades of green on foliage and seeds. Green is nature’s neutral…it goes with everything!

The next time you are planning a party or want to dress up your table, look to your garden and landscape for inspiration. Forage a few leaves, branches, and seasonal fruits and vegetables to add color and texture to your table. It’s simple, stylish, and a another way to use for garden and landscape.

*For more information on Lauren’s design services and products she offers, check out Sparrow Design South’s Facebook fan page.


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