Korean Bulgogi Burgers with Kimchi Slaw

Korean Bulgogi Burgers with Kimchi Slaw

Korean BBQ with a Kick

A couple of weeks ago I got a craving for kimchi.  We live about 45 minutes away from the Asian store and I didn’t feel like driving to the NE Atlanta suburbs. So I headed to my local grocery store in search for napa cabbage. I knew it was wishful thinking, but I was able to find some. It was in horrible shape and outrageously expensive.

Then I remembered a recipe on a Korean food blog I follow that used regular cabbage to make “emergency kimchi”. So I grabbed a head of cabbage and headed home.  The emergency kimchi satisfied my craving, but I decided it tasted more like a spicy, Korean kimchi slaw. I immediately thought that it would taste awesome on a bulgogi burger!

Korean Bulgogi Burgers with Kimchi Slaw

Bulgogi Burger Style

Bulgogi or Korean BBQ is normally made with thin slices of beef (usually ribeye) marinated in a sweet and flavorful mixture of soy sauce, sugar,sesame oil, garlic, pepper and  scallions. I used the same ingredients in a pound of ground beef. You can grill the burger or pan sear it. Serve the burger on a whole wheat bun with a generous helping of kimchi slaw and drizzle with sriracha. It’s a burger like no other!


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