Early Spring Blooms

March is one of those months in Georgia where you can have a warm day in the 70’s one week and below freezing temps the following week. My garden gets confused during these temperature fluxes. The result is that I get winter blooms and spring blooms at the same time! These beauties inspired me to create a quick arrangement in greens and yellows.

A small floral arrangement of spring blooms in a white mug on a fence post.

I definitely wanted to play up the various shades of green and yellow.

My Green Botanicals

For me, greens are not used enough in an arrangement. All the focus is put on colorful flowers. Green is nature’s neurtal–it goes with everything! I love using greens are the focal point, as well as, to add texture. Let’s start with the green botanicals I use in the arrangement.



Green Hellebore (Lenton Rose

Hellebores are my FAVORITE winter bloom. I have them in white, purple and green.


This mini variety called Helleborus niger, is a new addition to my landscape.


Despite the cold night temps, my mint is starting its annual take over of my yard.

Spanish Lavendar

My Spanish lavender stayed evergreen all winter. It will have lovely blooms in a couple of months.


Yellow Blooming Branches

For me, the best thing about early spring is the flowers on the trees and shrubs. My whole yard is alight with blooming branches. I like to snap a few, here and there, to display indoors.

Winter Hazel Buttercup in bloom.

This one of my favorite blooming shrubs–Winter Hazel Buttercup.

Witch hazel blooms

Witch hazel has unique blooms that will at an unforgettable texture to your arrangement.


Forsythia branches in bloom.

Forsythia blooms are heady and will last in an arrangement for days!

Last But Not Least

My last addition to my spring arrangement is blood root blooms. This petite flower pokes its way through the forest underbrush for a short amount of time in late winter. This plant is native to eastern North America and used for its medicinal properties. Whenever I see them, I snip a few blooms to put in a bud vase or arrangement.

Bloodroot Bloom

Putting it Together

The various shades of green and yellow came together nicely. I decided on a white mug to balance our the white blooms of the bloodroot. Cheers to a lovely spring and for more blooms to come!

Green and yellow floral arrangement.

Overhead view of a green and yellow floral arrangement.









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