Easy Thanksgiving Herb Bread

Easy Thanksgiving Herb Bread

Homemade Fresh Bread

I know homemade fresh bread is the last thing on your radar as you prepare your Thanksgiving feast. Trust me, I am not master baker. But, this is my go to bread recipe that I make often. It’s easy to tweak and the best part is that most of the work is done in a bread machine.

Yep, a bread machine. True, I am a foodie and like to make many things by hand. Unfortunately, bread is not one of them. Back in my younger days, before the boys came along, I could knead dough all day.  Now, I am lucky if I am able to bake them fresh bread at all. I invested in a bread machine about 5 years ago and it makes all the difference.

Every once in a blue moon I get a wild hair and make bread by hand, but most days I use the bread machine. Remember when I told you that for many of my Thanksgiving meals I use a mixture of my four favorite herbs? This loaf is no exception. The herbs infuse the bread with wonderful flavor and aroma. The green herb specks make the loaf attractive and looks great on the table. It will almost be too pretty to eat…almost.

Easy Thanksgiving Herb Bread

You Won’t Need a Knife

The coolest things about “cutting” in a design for this loaf is that first of all it makes the bread look pretty, Second, you won;t need to slice the it before serving. Your guest can rip of a hunk without taking half the loaf! I don’t know who invented this technique, but it’s genius!

If you are not into herbs or want to throw in other flavors, it’s easy to do. Just after the dough comes together from the kneading process, toss in the flavorings. Shredded cheese and bacon bits are a great combo (just a suggestion) 😉



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