6 Fabulous Fall Things to Make

It's beginning to look a lot like Autumn! Let's get this fall season started with a roundup of fun fall things to make from our projects at HGTV Gardens. It’s Time for Fall!

Ok, well technically it isn’t fall just yet. However, it’s after Labor Day and our fall garden in the ground, so I think it’s safe to break out the fall themed recipes and crafts 🙂

Many of you know that Mark and I are freelance writers. We both write for HGTV Gardens and have many articles published on that site. Every once in a while we put up an article roundup to show off some of our content published around the web. This time, I highlighted a few of  Fall themed crafts and recipes.  To get the full recipe or instructions for the crafts, click on the photos or the title of the project.

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Pumpkin Peanut Curry Soup

I love pumpkins! They are such a versatile squash that tastes great in sweet or savory dishes. Try whipping this hearty soup up this weekend.

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Gourd Bird Feeder

It’s time to put up your bird feeders again! This project is super simple and it’s a good craft to make with the kids.

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Corn Husk Wreath

I made this wreath using  dried corn husks (tamale wraps) you can buy in  a grocery store and an inexpensive straw wreath. It took me less than half an hour to complete. This wreath is not only quick to whip up, it’s easy on the wallet as well.

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Lamb Curry Stew with Sweet Potatoes

We are up to our ears in sweet potatoes! We went extra crazy this year and planted 5 different varieties. This is one of my favorite ways to use sweet potatoes. If you are not a fan of lamb, you can substitute with beef for a spicy, sweet stew perfect for cool autumn days.

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Botanical Decoupage Pumpkins

I like pumpkin carving, but it’s fun to mix it up every once in a while. For a fun, seasonal look indoors (and considerably less messy) try decoupaging a pumpkin! The decoupaged pumpkins last for months and  looks so pretty in a fall themed vignette.

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Savory Pumpkin Pancakes

This is another savory way to eat fresh pumpkin! I based this dish on a traditional Korean vegetable pancake dish made with fresh summer squash and/or green onions. It’s perfect for a light lunch or appetizer.

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