Free Botanical Bookmarkers

Free Botanical BookmarkersPretty Marker for a Good Book

I know, I know…who reads real books anymore? Although I do own a Kindle reader, I do still love real books: especially reference or text books. I am also guilty of just using a post it or a scrap piece of paper to mark my page.

Free Botanical Bookmarkers

So, today I decided to make some pretty little bookmarkers for my well-worn garden books. Since spring is still a few days away, here are some flowers to brighten  your day. Print out these little book accessories on some cardstock and gift your books with a touch of spring.  Feel free to embellish the book markers  with ribbon or yarn.


Download a pdf version of the bookmarkers here.

*Graphics were provided by Angie Makes and the Graphics Fairy.

Happy Reading!

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One thought on “Free Botanical Bookmarkers

  1. Thank you so much for sharing these! I find them so lovely and I love bookmarkers because I read a lot. Love going to the book store, finding a new book to buy and then going home for some me-time with a good cup of coffee and the pages of a good book. Thanks!

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