#gardenchat: Join in the Conversation!

#gardenchat: Join in the Conversation!


Today Mark and I are honored to host #gardenchat on Twitter. What is #gardenchat? It’s a community of garden enthusiasts who love to share tips and tricks,information, recipes and general love for their gardens. The social media group was created in 2010 by  a group garden lovers who love social media.

I have recently embraced Twitter and have been pleasantly surprised how many gardeners love to tweet about what they are growing! In addition to Twitter, #gardenchat has a following on Instagram , Google+ and Facebook. It’s so easy to get involved. Whenever you want to share with the #gardenchat community, add the #gardenchat in your posts. You will be amazed how many garden lovers out there respond to your love of growing.

It’s not just growing things either, foodies can share their love of cooking what they grow the #gardenchat community. I love the camaraderie of gardeners. They love to share and if you have a specific growing issue, post the question on one of the above social media platforms with the #gardenchat. You’ll be amazed with all the help offers you get 🙂

Have you been eating your greens?

Braised Mix Greens

The topic of choice is going to be greens: as in collards, kale, mustard and some exotic Asian varieties. We will talk about how to grow them, why we love them , and most importantly, how to eat them.  For a list of the questions we will be discussing tonight, check out Connect-Share-Grow.com.  Join us, starting at 9 p.m. EST!


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  1. I’m totally looking forward to learning from Mark and Debbie tonight. That Braised Mix Greens recipes looks like something I could add to my Thanksgiving feast this week. See you at #gardenchat on Twitter tonight!

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