Herb Potato Salad

Kick of the summer grilling season with a tangy, herb potato salad. Fresh herbs give the potato salad a garden-fresh flavor your friends & family will love.

Potato Salad: A Summertime Staple

I know that the official first day of summer is still about a month away, but unofficially, summer festivities begin Memorial Day weekend. For most of the US, that means school’s out for summer break, a long weekend and a grand BBQ on Monday.

What goes with grilled steaks, ribs, hamburgers and hot dogs better than potato salad? During the summer, a big bowl of tangy potato salad is always in the fridge. It’s a perfect accompaniment to sandwiches and almost anything you cook on the grill. This year, since I’ve been promoting cooking with fresh herbs, my recipe has an herb-y twist.

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Herb Potato Salad


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Herb Potato Salad


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Herb Potato Salad



Herbs That Complement Potatoes

Potatoes are kind of a blank slate as far a flavor goes; they take on flavor of spices very well.  I like several types of herbs when I cook with potatoes. When I roast them, I prefer a hearty herb like rosemary. When they are baked, chives with butter and sour cream does the trick. For my potato salad, dill has always been my favorite. I decided to add the freshness of flat leaf parsley and a healthy handful of chives to the mix. Chives gives the potato salad the onion flavor without overpowering the parsley and dill.

As far as the type of potatoes to use, use what ever type you have. In this recipe I used russets. If my Yukon golds were ready to be harvested, I would have use them. Any type of potatoes will do. I prefer to peel russets when used in potato salad; red or Yukons, I’d leave the skins on. Make this a day ahead– it tastes better cold 🙂

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