Milk Jug Plant Labels

A seedling in a newspaper pot with a plastic plant label.

Keeping Seedlings Organized

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This year we started our seeds in soil blocks are per usual. We also labeled our bocks using our old trusty duck tape method. However, when we had to pot up our seedlings into bigger, temporary pots until the last frost date passes, some blocks got mixed up. Opps. I briefly thought about making quick markers out of popsicle sticks, but then I remembered I had a fancy new Fiskars thick material punch that would be perfect for making plastic plant markers. I raided the recycle bin for a milk jug and got to work.


Supplies for making plastic plant labels on a wood board.

Step 1: Cut Jug

A person cutting the top off a plastic milk jug.

Use the craft knife to cut off the top of the jug. Cut down the side of the jug to open it up.

Step 2: Cut Out a Smaller Section

Supplies on a Fiskars cutting mat.

Use scissors to cut out a smaller section of plastic.

Step 3: Trim

A person cutting a piece of plastic with a pair of scissors.

Trim off the curved edges of the plastic. You’ll need a flat piece in order to fit it in the punch.

Step 4: Punch

A person inserting a peice of plastic into a Fiskars thick craft arrow punch.

Insert one end into the punch and press down. If you’ve never used one of Fiskar’s thick punches, you are in for a treat. It cuts through the plastic like butter.

A person holding a puched out peice of plastic shaped like an arrow.

There you have it-a perfect sized arrow to use as a label! Punch out a bunch more.

Step 5: Label

A person writing on a peice of plastic with a marker.

Use a sharpie to write the name onto the labels.

Step 6: Place

A person adding a label into a seedling pot.

Pop them into the pots. The arrows are perfect for sticking into the soil.

Plant Label DIY Video:

If you prefer a video version of this tutorial, check out our Youtube channel below:

If you need to make plant labels for larger plants in the garden, check out our Mason Jar Lid Plant Label project. It’s an excellent way to reuse old canning lids.

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