Preserving Your Harvest |Recipes, Tips and Ideas

Preserving Your Harvest |Recipes, Tips and Ideas

Enjoy Your Garden’s Bounty All Year

I’ve teamed up with some of my garden blogger friends to bring you recipes, tips and ideas to preserve your harvest. These bloggers are real gardeners who preserve their harvest every season. The best part of growing your own food is eating it. However, you know that when the garden produce starts coming in, it can pile up real fast!

By mid-summer I sweating away in front of my canning pot trying to capture my summer’s garden peak ripeness in a jar. I used to hate canning, but as I got more creative with what I was preserving, I find that I look forward to canning season. I especially appreciate the sweat and effort in the middle of winter as I enjoy my homegrown blueberry jam on toast with a steaming cup of coffee.

Where to Begin

I learned how to preserve from countless videos, books and family. Recently, I discovered a podcast by Theresa Loe of Living Homegrown. If you ever wanted to get started in preserving and want all the facts without being bored to death, check out her podcast. She also has a website filled with valuable information. She’s easy to listen to and gives great information about the science behind preserving in a fun and practical way.

Preserving Roundup

This roundup covers everything from classic pickles, tasty spaghetti sauce to dried edible flowers. I’m sure you will find something that will inspired you to get into preserving your harvest.


Herb Salt by yours truly 🙂



Dehydrating Swiss Chard from Learning and Yearning


Dry edible flowers for crafts and recipes by Sow & Dipity


DIY Micemeat for Christmas by That Bloomin Garden


Canned carrots by Grow a Good Life


Dill Pickles by New House New Home New Life


Spaghetti Sauce by Cottage at the Crossroads


Refrigerator Dill Pickles by House of Hawthrones


Strawberry Preserves and more by Garden Therapy


Strawberry Wine by The Lovely Greens


Herb Oils by Sensible Gardening


Herb Infusions by Garden Matter

canning_tomatoes_BGgardenCanning Tomatoes by Bren Hass

All of these blogs have several canning and preserving recipes, so be sure to check out their archives. All of the preserving recipes by the Prudent Garden can be found here.

Happy Preserving!

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