Review of HomePlay ™ by Royal

Review of HomePlay ™ by Royal

Virtual Home Remodel

We purchase our 1975 ranch style home about 10 years ago. We primarly picked this house for the acre lot and not for the minty green siding. We never cared for the siding color, but it was always in the backs of our minds to redo the siding someday. Fast-forward a decade later, the minty color is still with us.

Review of HomePlay ™ by Royal

Our minty green home.


This year, we decided that it was time to tackle the siding. With so many products to choose from, where does one begin? As Mark and I were pondering this, we were approached by Royal to try our their online home exterior redesign tool: HomePlay. Perfect timing!

How to Use HomePlay

HomePlay is very easy to use. To get started, you need to upload a picture of your home. You can use the tool with  the built-in homes already on the site, but the beauty of this tool is that it enables you to create a custom design for your own home.

Once you have uploaded your photo you can begin to design your home using the free ImageMapper web tool. There is a paid option that allows you to email your photo and Royal’s  team of design professionals will take care of the mapping. They will then email you when your home is ready for you to decorate.

Review of HomePlay ™ by Royal

This is the HomePlay dashboard.


This is when the real fun begins! Choose from a selection of sidings and color combinations. Change the colors of your trim, windows, doors and roof! There are many colors and styles to choose from, so take your time and try them all.

Design Boards and Samples

When you are finished with your design, you can save it and print it.  The colors, product names and final picture of your design are conveniently displayed on the printable.  For a larger view of your design, you can order a display board for $20.  The 24″ x 24″ board shows the product’s actual size, so you get a true sense of how great it will look on your home. Also included in the price is a sample of your selected siding. Once you are satisfied with your design, you can use this information to hire a contractor or purchase the right siding to begin your home remodel.

Review of HomePlay ™ by Royal

The design board and the siding samples are large to give you an accurate feel for the product.


Help Us Decide

We went with Insulated siding. We wanted a siding that adds energy efficiency, UV resistance and colorfast fade resistance. Now we need help with deciding on a color scheme!  Here are the four choices:

#1 Midnight Surf

Review of HomePlay ™ by Royal

#2 Redwood 

Review of HomePlay ™ by Royal

#3 Sable 

Review of HomePlay ™ by Royal

 #4 Bark

Review of HomePlay ™ by Royal

Leave a comment below or on our Facebook fan page with what color you think looks the best 🙂 Thanks!



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