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A Bitter Goodbye

The Summer of 2014 was an exciting time here at The Prudent Garden. This was the most productive vegetable garden we have had so far. It was my first summer being home full-time with the boys…and I survived. Mark and I officially became “garden writers” and we get paid to write about what we love to do. Am I sad to say goodbye to this summer? Actually, yes.

I’m not upset that it’s finally starting to cool down. Honestly, my hair is done with the humidity. I welcome the cool breezes of autumn. Nonetheless, the transition from summer to fall is one of my favorite moments of the year to photograph plants and flowers. It’s not necessarily what’s blooming that makes this a special time of year to get great shots, it’s the light.

Late Summer Light


I think the light, from the end of August and through September, is the best for nature photography. The light is warm and softer than early summer light. It’s still bright enough in the early mornings and early evenings to get wonderful pictures you can not get any other time of year. The angle of the sun this time of year can create some unique and beautiful shadows indoors and out. I do not have to try that hard to get a great picture outdoors.

Abundance of Plant Life


Unlike the other seasons, the end of summer brings together a multitude of pretty blooming weeds. Did I just say pretty weeds? Yes…or should I say wild flowers. It doesn’t matter what name you want to give them, they are pretty to me.

Take a walk in the woods or in an abandoned field. There’s a sea of golden rod in full force this time of year. The petite yellow blooms of wild bidens and tickseed peek out from the forest’s understory. The downy plumes of prickly lettuce float through the air in the dappled, warm light. This is a great time to step out of my regular garden photography routine and take pictures of nature’s garden.

Early Signs of Transitions


There are some hints of fall showing up. In this part of Georgia, we do not get to peak autumn foliage color until early November. In the late summer there are a few signs here and there of the change to come. You’ll catch a fallen leaf with a hint of fall color. Some of the early color changers like Black Gum and Sumac are showing off. I love the mixture of summer’s strong hold and fall’s subtle presence.

Adieu to a Good Summer


This summer has brought us a great deal of fun and opportunities. It’s a bittersweet goodbye. We look forward to the fall garden and ensuing holiday season. Until my next adventure. I will pour over my photos from this past summer with nostalgia. Adieu summer…until next year.

*All my photographs in this post were shot with my Nikon D3100 and my new Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 SLD DG Macro Lens.




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