Hometalk: DIY Plant Labels

Hometalk: DIY Plant Labels

DIY Plant Labels

Do  you need some  inspiration on making you own plant labels for the garden this year? Look no further.  Hometalk asked me to curate a plant label board.  Included in the board is my now famous Mason Jar Lid Plant Label tutorial. Hometalk has featured the mason jar plant labels a couple of times on their Facebook fan page and we’ve gotten a lot of good responses. So thank you!

If you are not familiar with Hometalk, it’s a great site where you can find  home and garden related DIY tutorials posted by homeowners and bloggers. Check out this leather crafts board I curated for Hometalk here.

Update on the Mason Jar Labels

Recently, our mason jar plant labels were featured on Country Living as well as all the other Hearst Media channels (House Beautiful and Veranda). We never imagined that a quick little craft we featured over the Christmas holidays would take off as well as it did.

In response to the popularity of the mason jar plant labels, I have created two more sheets: an herb and vegetable. As soon as I can collect and make more vintage-y graphics, I will offer more 🙂 The tutorial on how to make the labels and the original sheet can be seen here.

For a pdf download of all 3 sheet of labels, click here.

Hometalk: DIY Plant Labels

Mason Jar Plant Labels2


4 thoughts on “Hometalk: DIY Plant Labels

  1. Your “Parsley” is misspelled. Could you correct it when you have a moment? I love these labels and your novel idea!

    1. Yikes! Thanks Judith. Lol, this has been up for 2 years and you are the first person to notice. It’s fixed and re-uploaded.

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