Great Plants to Start From Seed in 2015 Part 1

Cherokee Purple Tomato Photo by Foodlander via Flickr 

It’s Time to Place your Spring Vegetable Garden Seeds

We believe that gardening should be fun, interesting and enjoyable from seed to table. Seed selection is a huge factor that can radically change the way you enjoy the garden and its produce. Flavor and functionality are paramount, and these varieties add color and structure as well!

Tomato Pole Cherokee Purple Organic HEIRLOOM
This is an indeterminate tomato variety rose/purple skin with green shoulders encases red brick colored flesh. It’s a pretty and tasty tomato.

Arugula Wild Dragon’s Tongue
Arugula’s famous nutty bite on the plate and cold tolerance in the garden are complemented with red stems to beautify both.

Broccoli Raab Rapini Organic HEIRLOOM
Enjoy greens and florets in salads or stir-fry. Raab brings a wild durability and spicy flavor.

Broccoli Romanesco HEIRLOOM
A delicious dinner conversation starter that looks like broccoli from outer space!

Cosmic Purple Carrots Photo by Kristin Taylor

Carrot Cosmic Purple
Purple on the outside, orange on the inside, these carrots are sweet and tender.

Kohlrabi Purple White Vienna Blend HEIRLOOM
Kohlrabi is one of the most cold tolerant and fastest-producing vegetables in the garden. One of the few members of the huge brassica family that is grown specifically for its unusually thick stem which is used either raw or cooked.

Lettuce Romaine Freckles Organic HEIRLOOM
Romaines offer a variety of shades from green to red. Freckles is green with red speckled margins and excellent flavor.

Lettuce Mesclun Sassy Salad
Mesclun can be lots of different things. This mix is spicy, sweet and crisp. These greens are best harvested young.

Onion Bunching Scallion Italian Red of Florence
Red slicing onions are popular for sandwiches and salads. These long red bunching types are great paired with appetizers or pickled.

watermelon radish2
Watermelon Radish Photo by Suzie’s Farm via Flickr

Radish Watermelon Mantanghong
This is a “reverse radish” red inside and white outside. It has a mild flavor.

Pea Shelling Green Arrow HEIRLOOM
Green arrow is a classic shelling pea with a sweet taste that goes with salads and vegetable soup alike.

Pea Snap Cascadia Seeds
These sweet young pods are perfectly versatile, and useful raw or cooked.

Spinach Lavewa
One of the most versatile spinach varieties, it is heat tolerant and useful raw or cooked as baby or mature leaves.

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