Spring-Ready Landscape Checklist

Spring-Ready Landscape Checklist

Spring Landscape Chores

Spring is here, and it’s time to get in the yard! These chores can be knocked out in a weekend, and will help you take control of your landscape from the start.

  1. Clean out annual beds and containers. It’s too early to plant summer flowers, but you can get everything ready.
  2. Prune summer blooming trees and shrubs (if needed) before the end of March. Get the shape just right and stimulate more blooms.
  3. Prune spring blooming trees and shrubs (if needed) after they have bloomed. Keep them neat and tidy, and remove spent flowers.
  4. Refresh thin mulch areas in shrub and perennial beds. Take care of the soil and keep the beds looking great.
  5. Fertilize trees, shrubs and perennials when new growth starts. Fertilizing too early is wasteful, let the plants tell you when they’re ready for breakfast.
  6. Plant new landscape trees and shrubs as soon as the ground thaws. Planting while they are dormant helps to reduce transplant shock.
  7. Tackle nagging landscape issues now, like drainage problems, awkward plantings and dead or diseased plants, so you can enjoy your landscape the rest of the season.

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