Vegetables to Plant in Your Fall Garden + Sustainable Seed Giveaway

Vegetables to Plant in Your Fall Garden

Planting Fall Vegetables *Giveaway Closed

Fall is our favorite time of year to plant vegetables. Perhaps it’s because of our long, hot summers finally cooling, or because our family has a fondness for cool weather veggies like broccoli, greens, carrots and beets. Whatever the reason may be, we tend to have a more productive garden in the autumn.

Usually by August our summer vegetable production has petered out. At this point, most of the garden’s bounty that has not been given to neighbors or donated, has been preserved as jams , pickles or frozen. For most of August the garden is in cover crop in preparation for fall veggies. We start most of our fall produce from seeds in soil blocks and put them out to plant around the first week of September.  We are in zone 7a and many cool weather veggies dislike the super hot August in our parts. If you live in a cooler part of the country, it’s safe to direct seed your fall crops in mid-summer.

For more information on how to plan for a fall garden, check out our guide for planning a fall vegetable garden. 

Vegetables to Plant in Your Fall Garden

Root Vegetables

What types of vegetables can you grow in the fall?  Most types of root veggies do well in cool weather. In fact, we grow our root vegetables in the fall and let them overwinter until spring. Turnips in particular grow extremely well for us and we are usually up to our ears with them by Thanksgiving 🙂 If you have never tried growing root vegetables, start with radishes. They germinate and mature very quickly (in less than a month).

Vegetables to Plant in Your Fall Garden

Leafy Greens

Collards, kale, lettuce,  and chard are also prolific cool weather vegetables. They are some of the easiest and healthiest vegetables to grow. Many varieties hold up even during a heavy frost or light freeze.  We think every garden show have lettuce, even if you are not a big salad eater. They are a quick producing greens with so many varieties; they also grow well in containers.

About Sustainable Seeds

Sustainable Seed Company offers the “largest quantity and quality of certified organic heirloom seed available.” In a nutshell, their mission is to preserve food diversity for, and with the help of, home gardeners for the future of food security.  Their unique niche as a seed company is providing both high quality organic heirloom seeds, and information on how their customers can begin saving their own seed so they “may never need to purchase that strain from us again.”

They have a mission to change the world , one seed at a time.  Well, we are on board too. Our mission is to get every home gardener to produce as much as their own food with sustainable and responsible seed 🙂  So, we have partnered up with Sustainable Seed for a Fall Garden Seed Giveaway!

*Giveaway Closed

What You Can Win:

  1. Waltham 29 Broccoli
  2. Bloomsdale Spinach
  3. Dwarf Siberian Kale
  4. Detroit Dark Red Beet
  5. Early White Vienna Kohlrabi
  6. Self Blanching Cauliflower
  7. Scarlet Nantes Carrot
  8. Vates Collards
  9. Ruby Red Chard
  10. Grand Rapids Lettuce
  11. Lolla Rosa Darky Lettuce
  12. Mizuna Mustard
  13. Red Gaint Mustard
  14. Purple Top White Turnips

ARV of this seed prize package is $30.

How to enter

This is the easy part. Just comment on the post below, telling us about your fall garden plans. If you have yet to try gardening in the fall, tell us about that too 🙂 Also, don’t forget to check out Sustainable Seed Company for their selection of seeds and tips/ info on growing.  The giveaway will close on Sunday, July 19th at Midnight.  The winner will be selected on Monday, July 20th.


18+  and US Only (sorry…can’t ship seeds overseas without going through a lot of red tape 🙁

Winner is #28 

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41 thoughts on “Vegetables to Plant in Your Fall Garden + Sustainable Seed Giveaway

  1. I won, I won!!!!! Lol! Very excited to have won this seed packet giveaway. Thanks so much Debbie and Mark and Sustainable Seeds!

  2. I’ve really not planted vegetables in my garden except for tomatoes, peppers, and garlic; however, the thought of planting root vegetables sounds appealing. I’d like the opport unity of planting sustainable seeds for a fall crop…I’d be thrilled to win this giveaway! 1

  3. It never occurred to me to plant a fall food garden. This year will be my first time then. Usually I plant some herbs in pots for the inside of our house, and plant fall bulbs outside. 2

  4. Tried organic gardening this summer in three raised beds. Went pretty well. Started composting and I hope this will hope boost things next year. I will be planting a fall garden and I’m looking forward to it. 3

  5. Planning on growing carrots, beets and turnips as well as leafy greens! 4

  6. So looking forward to some broccoli and root vegetables. Got to try fall gardening this year! 5

  7. My husband is the gardener in our family. He is already starting to plan his fall planting.Growing up my Mom did a lot of canning. We had big gardens. My Dad’s favorites were beets and lettuce. He loved wilted lettuce. I think our favorite is beets. Growing your own vegetables is a great way to have a good supply of natural grown food for your family.6

  8. I just bought a new house and I am excited to plant my first fall
    garden!! 7

  9. i am going to try fall greens this year, lettuce, broc, radishes, cabbage and califlower and see how it goes. 9

  10. I’ve never done a fall garden; always busy canning whatever is left at the end of the season. I want to try broccoli and beets for sure! 10

  11. I’m planning my first fall/winter garden this year. I’m getting ready to plant pre-started broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower. I’ve also put in beets, carrots and bush beans. I’m also hoping to get in 2 more plantings of radishes and one more of lettuce and kale. I have two 4 ft x 18 ft beds that I will cover with plastic on pvc pipe. Never done this but, hope springs eternal!!!!! Pam 11

  12. I’d love to get back into gardening. This would be a great start. I’d love to get out there with my grandson and dig some dirt. Hopefully, fall will be cooler here in Portland, OR. This summer has been unusually hot and miserable. 12

  13. I like to grow lettuce as long as I can for my bunny. Sometimes she shares with us. 13

  14. I have made half-hearted efforts at a fall garden. I plan to get a little more serious this year which should increase my chances of success. 14

  15. I love gardening. I am moving to Texas this coming weekend. Where I’m moving to is hard to find seeds for the fall garden. What I plan on doing is lay down black plastic on top of the ground then lay down cardboard boxes I will have left over from my move. Then get me some cement blocks for making a square foot garden. Fill in the space with Compost, Peat, Coffee grounds and Garden soil. Filling in the blocks as well. I will plant Marigolds inside the cement blocks. Marigolds deter bad bugs let in good bugs. I will then go to the store and buy live earth Worms. Then I will set about planting the rest of the garden. I also am going to make a removable green house top that I can anchor to the ground as well as remove so when bad storms come they will not destroy my garden and when its nice weather I can let in the sun. Anyway, I love to win these seeds. I have not lived where I could raise a garden in many years and this coming year will be different. 15

  16. I have started a garden for my school. We have worked on it this summer and I have a new group of students starting in the fall. I would love to start a fall garden. I’ve purchased some seeds, but winning this contest would be very helpful to our project. 16

  17. I have always tried to garden and some years I’m better than others. It’s never been big but has always been more than I can eat. It was never a necessity because we have always had plenty. Times are changing. Fewer people seem to have plenty and younger people seem to be missing out the importance and benefits of being able grow your own food. I am going to have my 1st fall garden this year for 2 reasons: 1,Times are tougher for my family right now 2, I want to set this example and educate the young folks in my family to many joys and benefits that working the soil has to offer. 17

  18. I live in zone 5 and thought it was too cold here for Fall gardening, but I’d like to give it a try! 18

  19. I’ve done lettuces but it stays hot here into fall so I’ve never tried anything else. Can start the seeds indoors, though! 19

  20. i plant lettuce over and over again for harvest in the fall, im also growing peanuts for the first time. i also love growing turnips and beets as well…happy planting all! 20

  21. Thank u for this giveaway would love to win these seeds 21

  22. I love to plant chard and other root veggies that we can enjoy in the winter months. I am trying broccoli this year and prepping the garden for more planting. Wish me luck. 22

  23. Is their anything appropriate for a Central Florida “fall” garden? 23

  24. This _will_ be the year I try cauliflower! My fall garden is usually leafy greens, and I keep vowing to diversify!24

  25. Have never done a fall garden. But plan to this yr. 25

  26. First fall garden this year. We are starting small, just carrots. Next year, the sky’s the limit. 26

  27. I want to grow some new greens & potatoes. I’m looking for something that grows well n a shaded area too. I have a nice plot but it’s shady. Love that we have nice tomatoes growing right now! 27

  28. I have never been able to fall garden because previously I lived in Texas. So between the heat and sometimes water restrictions it is a difficult situation no matter the season. I am anxious to try this type of gardening now that I live in a state where the weather is permitting. 🙂 29

  29. It’s been some time since we’ve had a Fall garden, but our diets and lifestyles have changed, so we’re looking forward to carrots, broccoli, turnips (to pickle, yum!) and some lettuces. Sign me up! 🙂 30

  30. I will be planting beans and kale. If I win the giveaway I will be panting much more. 31

  31. We are planning collards, beets, and winter squash. 32

  32. I do various lettuces, cherry bell radishes, mustard greens and turnips. And if I can catch conditions right, I do spinach, which may not produce anything to eat in the fall, but will be there come spring for some of my first greens. 33

  33. Doing my first fall gardening this coming autumn <3 34

  34. Planning to do some beans and broccoli! 35

  35. I have been making my Fall planting list and this would just about cover it! Sign me up for the give-a-way! <3 Barb 36

  36. We have never planted a fall crop. It is definitely something we need to try. 37

  37. Can’t not have carrots, beets and broccoli in our fall garden. I really to branch out though. 38

  38. I love fall gardening! I don’t always manage to get things in the ground in time, but I’ll be planting some fall greens, carrots and beets this year. 39

  39. This will be our first fall garden! Probably most excited about carrots and broccoli 🙂 Theo loves those 40

  40. We live in zone 5 so our growing season isn’t very long. Haven’t yet planted a fall garden. 41

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