WORX Tools Review|56V MaxLithium Cordless 24″ Hedge Trimmer

Looking for a lightweight hedge trimmer? Check out our review of the Worx 56V MaxLithium Cordless 24" Hedge Trimmer Vs. gas powered hedge trimmers.

Worx Tools

I’ve been contributing landscape themed articles  to the WORX Toolshed blog for a few months, but had never actually used one of their products. For August, the WORX team requested that I write about hedge trimming, and by the way would I like to try out one of their 56V cordless hedge trimmers? Well I can’t refuse a tool trial, so here we go.

When the trimmer arrived, I called up a friend who has a landscaping business and asked him if he had some hedges that need to be trimmed. He said “Sure, can you meet me at 7 in the morning?” I guess he was as happy to have a volunteer as I was to try a new tool. After mowing, edging and blowing for several hours, the hedging finally commenced. He brought two gasoline trimmers [and another helper] and the three of us commenced for about two hours.

Comparison: WORX 56V MaxLithium 24″ Hedge Trimmer, versus an old Husqvarna 225H60 gas hedge trimmer and a fairly new Ryobi RY34006 gas powerhead with hedge trimmer attachment.

Looking for a lightweight hedge trimmer? Check out our review of the Worx 56V MaxLithium Cordless 24" Hedge Trimmer Vs. gas powered hedge trimmers.

Physical Difference of Hedge Trimmers

The first thing I noticed was the extra length of the WORX trimmer’s blade, a full 24 inches versus 22 inches on the Husqvarna and 18 inches on the Ryobi. I thought that the extra friction may create a run-time disadvantage for the WORX, but we’ll get to that later. As expected, the cordless Worx hedge trimmer was significantly lighter than either of the gas operated models. Finally, on initial startup the noticeable difference was in that the WORX cordless model, being electric, was either “on” or “off,” whereas the gasoline models had a short delay between pulling the trigger and full speed blade engagement, and again between releasing the trigger and blade idle.

WORX Tools Review|56V MaxLithium Cordless 24" Hedge Trimmer

Performance of  Gas Vs. Battery Powered Trimmers

During the test period, the three machines were operated simultaneously as we leapfrogged our way from building to building through the apartment complex. There was a good variety of hedges including Chinese privet, waxleaf ligustrum, cleyera, compact hollies, and burford hollies, all in a fairly unkempt state, to provide a good assessment of the WORX trimmer’s abilities compared with the gasoline models.

The WORX 56V MaxLithium hedge trimmer performed beautifully. The out-of-the-box sharpness of the teeth was outstanding. It made quick, clean work of a shaggy eight-foot Chinese privet right out of the box. One pass was all it took to get a nice tight cut. The long 24″ blade helped keep a smooth flat surface on the larger hedges. And though the machine is deceivingly quiet, it supplied plenty of power, never even getting close to being bogged down or clogged with debris. It kept up plant for plant with both of the gas powered machines, and I didn’t have to breathe in exhaust fumes while holding it at and above face level. And as for run time, the battery finally ran out almost simultaneously with the Ryobi running out of gas (the Ryobi actually stopped about a minute ahead of the WORX).

WORX Tools Review|56V MaxLithium Cordless 24" Hedge Trimmer

What WORX Claims

  • High-capacity 56V MaxLithium Battery provides gas-like performance & extended run time with zero emissions
  • Dual-action cutting blades provide less vibration for fast, clean cuts
    up to 3/4″ in diameter
  • Large, full wrap front handle designed for easy side and top cutting
  • Blade tip protector prevents accidental cutting
  • Transparent hand guard increases visibility of your work area
  • Over-mold soft grip handle reduces fatigue and improves comfort
  • Includes a 3 Year Warranty & 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

See the WORX 56V MaxLithium hedge trimmer in action!

Overall I am impressed with the WORX 56V MaxLithium 24″ Hedge Trimmer. I intend to put it through more trials throughout the rest of the summer and well into fall. The hedge trimmer is available for purchase at big box retailers such as Home Depot, Lowes or Walmart and online at Worx.com.

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3 thoughts on “WORX Tools Review|56V MaxLithium Cordless 24″ Hedge Trimmer

  1. The cable on my hedge trimmer was cut accidentally not once but twice! (not by me btw) I think that’s something I’d look for in a new model; a cord that was cut resistant for about the first six feet or gas/battery powered like this!

    1. Yet another reason to go with cordless electric. No cord to worry with and no fumes to breathe in. Thanks!

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