Basil Ginger Peach Preserves + Free Printable Labels

Basil Ginger Peach Preserves + Free Printable Labels

Basil + Ginger + Peaches = Yum!

Herbs are not just for savory dishes or to pair with veggies. They can enhance the flavors of fruits as well. This summer, I happen to make a friend whose twin sister runs a peach orchard. Let’s just say this friendship has perks; I get personal deliveries of delicious, perfectly ripe Georgia peaches. It’s good to have friends in high places. A special thanks to Ogeechee Peaches 🙂

I really love ginger and peaches together. When I was considering what herb to pair with peaches (I was determined to put an herb in it)  I first considered sweet mint. However, I felt that when working with desserts, mint is always the go to herb. My thoughts settled on basil next; it’s in the mint family, but still has its own definite flavor.

Basil Ginger Peach Preserves + Free Printable Labels

Spicy Globe Basil

This is the first time I have grown spicy globe basil. I was immediately drawn to it because it looks like a little boxwood shrub. The minuscule leaves are packed with potent basil flavor. Even its fragrance is much stronger than the other basil varieties. Because of its compact size, spicy globe basil is perfect for containers. It gets about a foot tall and wide. The best part about this basil, is that the little leaves requires no chopping: just pluck and garnish.

Tips for Making Peach Preserves

Soft Skin Peeler

Have you heard of a soft skin peeler? If not, then I HIGHLY suggest you  get one before you proceed to make this jam. I usually skip peeling peaches because I detest the whole blanching before you can peel it process.  I’ve had this peeler for years and it dawned on me to try it on the peaches before I put a pot of water on to boil.

Basil Ginger Peach Preserves + Free Printable Labels

And hallelujah it worked! I will never blanch peaches again. I tried it on very ripe peaches and some that were on the green side; both times the peeler worked beautifully.By the way, the soft skin peeler works on hard fruits and veggies too.

Basil Ginger Peach Preserves + Free Printable Labels

You can use any type of basil for the jam. I have about 4 types  in the garden at the moment, and decided to use this one because I wanted the little leaves to show in the jam.

Basil Ginger Peach Preserves + Free Printable Labels

I added the basil in at the last minute once the preserves were ready to be jarred.

Basil Ginger Peach Preserves + Free Printable Labels

Homemade preserves make wonderful gifts. I am preserving up a storm this summer in preparation for Christmas (yes, I went there). In addition to my herb salts, I plan to give homemade preserves made with seasonal edibles from the garden. Good thing I made some friends who own an orchard 🙂

Basil Ginger Peach Preserves + Free Printable Labels

Add a cute label on top and tuck these beauties away. When you need a ready to go gift to give for a baby shower, homecoming or welcome to the neighborhood, you’ll be well stocked. How about those cute labels? Well, you are in luck my friends. You can download a pdf version here or just right click and save the jpeg version and print them for yourself. Print them on printable sticker paper or on cardstock.

Right click and save to your computer:

Basil Ginger Peach Labels

I used Modpodge to attach mine to the lids ( I used the same process to glue them down as I did with the Mason Jar Plant labels). Enjoy!


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