Vegetable Gardening: Early Summer Harvest

Early Summer Vegetable Harvest

The harvest is the best part of vegetable gardening. You spend countless hours planting, weeding and watering. Now the payoff is finally here! We decided last night to “check” on the potatoes to see if the fingerlings were big enough to harvest. Typically, you wait until the tops of the potato plants die off before you dig them up. Since they are flowering we decided it was okay to sneak a peak. We happily discovered that they were a good size. Even the red potatoes were decent size. It was potatoes for dinner!

We planted the potatoes in mid April which is later than normal for us. We had a unusually cold  and wet spring, so we were late getting most of the vegetables in the ground. We usually aim for St. Patrick’s Day to plant potatoes. They got a late start but once that warm weather hit, they took off!

We planted the Ichiban Eggplants, Giant Marconi Peppers, and Jalapenos at the same time. They were planted on a gorgeous spring day, it was clear and in the mid 60’s. Unfortunately a week later we had a hard freeze…very uncommon for Georgia in April. They survived and thrived well. We are impatiently waiting for the rest of the harvest…come on tomatoes!

For now, feast your eyes on our early summer vegetable bounty:

Vegetable GardeningVegetable Gardening

The onions are Vidalia. They were popping out of the soil and didn’t look like they would get much bigger. This is the first year we have tried to grow them. There’s still several dozen in the garden, hopefully they will get bigger. Although they were small, they were just as sweet and scrumptious when roasted!


Comment below and tell us what you have harvested from your garden so far this year. Happy Gardening!


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2 thoughts on “Vegetable Gardening: Early Summer Harvest

  1. Your vegetables look so good! I’ve planted tomatoes, peppers, yellow summer squash, strawberries and various herbs – and I’m still planting! Finally, I have some little tomatoes popping up on the plants. Last year I planted a Lovage herb and thought that it wasn’t going to make it. It is a perennial, however, and this Spring it has just really started growing fast. I noticed this plant and had forgotten what it was until I showed a friend a picture of it. It’s the Lovage herb – smells and tastes like celery. You can use it in soups and salads. Growing herbs and vegetables is so rewarding!

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